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Established since 2007, OpenSource Masters has all the necessary professional software design, development and deployment experience needed for any size company.  We can help you gain an edge over your competition.  We provide expert proprietary technology which can get your modeling projects successfully completed in record time.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Our Products include:

    Custom built Desktop/Laptop computers for high performance.
    Architecture & Design Consulting for Business Applications
    Website/Applications & Online Services
    Distributed Network Applications
    E-Commerce Solutions

Our Services include:

    Home or Office Installation
    System and Network Administration Plans
    Web Hosting

We specialize in Joomla hosting.  Rates start from $4.95/mo. 
Please contact us with a description of what you need and we will respond within 24 hours and gather additional info if needed. We will then create an estimate and detailed plan of our services which will be geared specifically towards your needs. Thank you!

Reliable and affordable enterprise services and custom products.  From small computer networks and websites to large cluster systems and high availability application services.

Utilizing Open Source solutions in the following areas:

    Cloud application development and consulting
    Installing High Aviliability Cluster networks
    Data mining and web scale crawling
    Distributed Computing/Clustering/BigTable implementations
    Big Table/NoSQL and Relational Data Designs
    P2P & Server/Client Network Applications
    Large-scale Production Deployments and Build Management
    Fast Searching and Indexing
    Secure End-To-End Transactions
    Automated Build Process and Deployments
    Testing, Debugging & Troubleshooting processes
    Long-term Data Warehousing